The Potager Garden Nook

Appointments can be made to come visit the shop by calling (937) 997-2000. We currently have no regular open hours, except at Christmas time when we sell Christmas Trees - please check out Frosty Outpost Christmas Tree Farm at Thank you.

The Potager Garden Nook would like to invite all to come and visit a new garden gift shop in the area. I think a garden by it's very nature is decorative, but it doesn't have to be made up of just vegetables or just flowers. They can be intermingled into something of great design and beauty. That is what a garden can be all about and they have been around for centuries. The French dubbed them with the name "potagers" ('pot-a-zhay'), a kitchen garden, derived from it's original role in providing the "pot herbs" for soup or 'potage'. They can be very simple or very complex, containing flowers, fruits, herbs, and vegetables. They can give one a great sense of peace and satisfaction.

For this reason, I chose the name for the new garden gift shop. A large, recently planted potager garden, located behind the gift shop is there for all to enjoy a leisurely stroll through. There are roses, flowering bushes, perennials, herbs, annuals, and vegetables growing and blooming and offering visual changes throughout the gardening season. I love to see and walk through gardens. I think it brings enjoyment and ideas to the eyes of the beholder. Something I wanted to share with others also.

The small gift shop offers trellis', shepherd hooks, stakes, hand-painted birdhouse gourds, books, and many other items of interests, all of which are very reasonably priced. Come visit me at the Ohio Gourd show, located in the coliseum at the Darke County Fair Grounds, the last weekend of September of every year. You will find all kinds of gourd crafters there. You will be amazed!